Book of Mormon Makes a Grand Entrance into Sunderland Empire

Book of Mormon has opened in Sunderland, and it doesn’t fail to deliver. When South Park and Avenue Q creators decide to take their creativity to Broadway, you can expect humor, and laughs.


It is safe to assume that if you already have your ticket in hand, then you love good humor here and there, and you wouldn’t mind a good laugh as well. And this is something the show certainly delivers on multiple occasions.

If you don’t know what to expect from the show at Sunderland Empire, then take a look at South Park, or Avenue to get a sense of everything.

There is a perfect blend of humor and musicals on show, and this s something fans will adore. The musicals are not only pleasant to the ear, but they are also packed with humor. It becomes apparent that jokes in musical forms work tremendously with people.

Apart from the humor, the musical aspect of the show is another aspect that truly excels. Book of Mormon isn’t a Tony Award-winning musical for nothing. Right from the first light, to the end of the show, there is no dull moment.

The songs have a way of luring you in, and before you know it, you are tapping along to it. The songs make sense, they are funny, and everything you will expect from a Broadway hit.

It’s not just the humor, and song that shines, the setting, choreography, staging, and delivery also come to light.

The casts performance was also another highlight. Jacob Yarlett’s Performance as Elder Cunningham. His performance reverberated across the theater much to the delight of fans. Patrick George was another highlight of the show. Playing the role of Joseph Smith, he delivered exceptionally well. The amazing thing about Jacob’s and Patrick’s performance is that both were stand-ins.

Also, Fans were left screaming with excitement when a very amusing one-line Brexit gag was dropped.

Book of Mormon does not disappoint in any way, and if you can get your hands on some tickets, then please do so, you won’t be disappointed in any way.

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