The Real Book of Mormon Offered to Theatergoers

The Moran Theater is receiving “The Book of Mormon” during these days. However, it is not the only sight people will have a chance to contemplate.

Real Book of Mormon

The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Jacksonville Florida has decided to tell about their beliefs. 12 missionaries of the church are meant to provide spectators with real Book of Mormon.

They will hand in copies of the text to theatre-goers in order to explain what Mormonism is. Furthermore, special cards will be given to people that allow them to download the sacred book to gadgets.

At the head of the project is Paul Craig. He leads a usual life working as a provider of building materials. In addition to it, he has one more job though it is unpaid. The job is called a supervising mission over about 200 young Mormons in Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida.

Their task is “to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and get involved in community projects”. Craig is fond of the missionary in spite of needing to cover all expenditures by himself. The thing he currently dislikes is the tour of the musical “The Book of Mormon”.

The official church neither criticizes the performance nor likes it. Lots of people adore the show because of its satire and catchy tunes but the subject of mockery has become “something Mormons hold in high regard”. That is why Mormons can be really hurt by caricaturing their religion.

If you want to see the show – book tickets here.

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