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Mecca of Mormonism Receivesthe Provocative Show

Mecca of Mormonism Receivesthe Provocative Show

As we know, Parker and Stone are risky guys in their projects. One more proof of that is “Book of Mormon” staging is Salt Lake City. Utah comprises two-third of population whose religion is Mormonism. ... Read More

Book of Mormon vs Hamilton

The Book of Mormon vs. Hamilton

“The Book of Mormon” has been holding leadership within the last four years.This musical was conceived as a one-termer and barely expected to be on everybody’s A-list even after “Hamilto... Read More

High School critics

High School Critics Tell about “The Book of Mormon”

Lindsay Christians, the Capital Times writer, shares her experience of “Mormon” musical’s discussion with high school-age critics.When it comes to high-school critics’ reviews, they best ... Read More


Grant Shreve: “The Book of Mormon” Has Won My Heart

Editor’s note: Grant Shreve has written this review as a part of new series of opinions belonging to Desert News dedicated to the issues on the crossing of “Faith and Thought”.I was about to ... Read More

Book Of Mormon

An Independent View on “The Book of Mormon”

A satirical show about a couple of Mormon missionaries created by Trey Parker and Matt Stones in 2011 still demonstrates its vitality on Broadway. Let alone the 9 Tony Awards the musical got before, ... Read More