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Popejoy Welcomes Broadway’s “The Book of Mormon”

“The Book of Mormon” is undoubtedly one of the most significant musical today. The New York Times has even gone as far as to describe the Broadway show as “The Best Musical of this century.” And ... Read More

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Grab a Front Row Seat to the Book of Mormon for $25

From 14th January to 19th January, the award-winning comedy musical will make its way to Gainesville for a total of eight shows. Of the fans in and around the town that will attend the first two shows, a ... Read More

Book of Mormon Goes to Aberdeen in May 2020

A teaser campaign running for a week, both online and on poster, bore a cryptic message: “The Mormons are coming…” It then name-dropped Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Well, it was finally revealed that the ... Read More

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Landmark Performance Celebration – 1000 Shows in Australia

Believe it or not, the hit Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon recently celebrated a century-worth of performances in the Aussies. That show runs from September 27 to November 17 at the Crown Theatre, ... Read More


Book of Mormon Makes a Grand Entrance into Sunderland Empire

Book of Mormon has opened in Sunderland, and it doesn't fail to deliver. When South Park and Avenue Q creators decide to take their creativity to Broadway, you can expect humor, and laughs.It is ... Read More

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The Book of Mormon – Still Funny After all These Years

The Book of Mormon skyrocketed to international fame over 6 years ago, but it’s still one of the hottest tickets in town, no matter where it’s playing. It may seem hard to believe that the award-win... Read More


The Book of Mormon Wickedly Funny

The Lyric Theatre in Sydney is scheduled to host the highly rated and equally hyped, “Book of Mormon”. So ‘brace’ yourselves for a wickedly entertaining show characterized by the occasional ... Read More

Real Book of Mormon

The Real Book of Mormon Offered to Theatergoers

The Moran Theater is receiving “The Book of Mormon” during these days. However, it is not the only sight people will have a chance to contemplate.The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day ... Read More

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The Must-Read Article Before Watching

Read 6 statements about provocative musical The Book of Mormon before watching:The show is not for easily-offended people. It is packed with satire and mockery throughout the play. Two Mormons ... Read More


Mecca of Mormonism Receives the Provocative Show

As we know, Parker and Stone are risky guys in their projects. One more proof of that is “Book of Mormon” staging is Salt Lake City. Utah comprises two-third of population whose religion is Mormonism. ... Read More