The Must-Read Article Before Watching

The Book of Mormon show

Read 6 statements about provocative musical The Book of Mormon before watching:

  1. The show is not for easily-offended people. It is packed with satire and mockery throughout the play. Two Mormons missionaries are intended to preach their beliefs in Uganda. However, the locals don’t feel excited about it. Lots of vital problems oppress them daily. How the collision of the two worlds is going to be solved?
  2. The creators of “South Park” and “Frozen” gave birth to the show. Matt Stone and Trey Parker agreed on a candidacy of Robert Lopez as their third collaborator. No idea who Mr. Lopez is? Oh, no no… It is not a relative of Jennifer Lopez. He composed the song “Let it Go”. This is the song you might be still singing, isn’t it? Apart from it, Robert Lopez wrote the lyrics and music for the show “Avenue Q”.
  3. The aim of the performance is to amuse the audience not to offend. “The Book of Mormons” was praised back and forth despite its religious background. People should be wise enough as not to take the offense and look at the show from another perspective.
  4. 14 nominations for Tony Awards. “The Book of Mormon” got the prize for Best Musical, Best Book, Best Original Score and 6 others Tonys. In addition to it, 5 Drama Desk Awards headed to the musical either.
  5. The missionary of Mormons is real. The church of Jesus Christ and Latter-days Saints send 88, 000 people to preach their beliefs to different parts of the world. The missionaries are mainly young people in their 18-25.
  6. Two important topics are broached. Faith and female circumcision. Women suffer from the ferocious acts in 29 countries. Is it devotion to the faith?

If you are ready, get tickets for The Book of Mormon musical.

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