Grab a Front Row Seat to the Book of Mormon for $25

From 14th January to 19th January, the award-winning comedy musical will make its way to Gainesville for a total of eight shows. Of the fans in and around the town that will attend the first two shows, a lucky few will have the chance to win cheaper tickets in a lottery.

win Book of Mormon Tickets

UF Performing Arts Director – Brian Jose – in an email confirmed that Book of Mormon would be the only musical in their 2019-2020 season to have a ticket lotto. There will be twenty Book of Mormon musical tickets in the first two rows costing $25, offered randomly to those entering the raffle at the Curtis M. Phillips Center’s box office. Jose wrote: “While common on Broadway, they are rare for touring Broadway productions, which makes this lottery that much more exciting for us.”

Entries for the lottery will be accepted two and a half hours before the opening of each show, with the lucky few to have won the $25 tickets announced half an hour later, as confirmed by Brandon Nappy, the show’s Performing Arts Marketing Director.

For context and perspective, student tickets retailing at $30 sold out in eight hours, with the few hundred remaining general public tickets being priced between $49 and $119.

Jose said that bringing The Book of Mormon to UF took the stars aligning, and is something they had tried to coordinate for quite a while. It will be the show’s fourth stop in its 2019-2020 national tour. It received nine Tony awards in 2011.

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