The Book of Mormon vs. Hamilton

Book of Mormon vs Hamilton

“The Book of Mormon” has been holding leadership within the last four years.

This musical was conceived as a one-termer and barely expected to be on everybody’s A-list even after “Hamilton” loud emergence. The point is, does “The Book of Mormon” deserve to be one of the greatest satirical performances of all times?

The national tour of the well-known musical comes back to ASU Gammage in Tempe for the first time after 2015 while it was a complete triumph. From the beginning of its existence in 2011 until nowadays it stays quite popular among theatre fans. Do not hesitate and buy the Book of Mormon tickets as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be stuck on the outskirts of the balcony or overcharged by secondary ticketing company by paying not less than $200.

Even though it seems not very real, you can try your hand in a lottery. Before each performance, you may request the tickets costing only $25. The quantity is limited – only 20 per show and two per person.

The play was running in New York for past six years, but after “Hamilton” production they suspended the tickets’ sale.

“Mormon” is a creation from Trey Parker and Matt Stones who also brought “South Park” series to this world. The setting of the story is based on the trip of two LDS Church Missionaries to Uganda with intent to spread their religion there. To date, this show is the 5-longest-running on Broadway, the 23rd all-time. It is highly likely that this masterpiece will break into Top-20 musicals, overtaking such works as “Hello, Dolly!” and “My Fair Lady”.

“The Book of Mormon” is not indented to be an iconic work which affected the whole revolution of musical theatre. However, the one thing is pretty clear: you will laugh hard from start to finish. There are no analogs of it on the Broadway which go beyond morality and standards of decency that way how this musical does. The only show comes to mind – “Avenue Q”. Interestingly, the songwriter Robert Lopez was engaged in the creation of both.

If digress from the undeniable comedic value of “The Book of Mormon”, what will be left of it? Nothing special – the answer could be. But we must remember that the musicals are not being usually assessed by parts by an average theatre’s visitor. People perceive the picture generally and their opinion is mostly based on a subjective impression. Here the satire is that fundamental point on which the whole story stands.

Not only Lopez is responsible for the music part of “Book of Mormon”, main producers of the play also took part in the composing. If you ever watched a South Park, you should remember some of the humorous songs from there. Anyway, Parker and Stone had a hand in writing lyrics.

For those who love Broadway shows as dancing spectacles, “Turn It Off” is one of the notable numbers in the “Mormon”.

Those words are considered to be a Ben Brantley’s words from the New York Times. However, they were not included in his official review of “The Book of Mormon”. Experts deem that Brantley outlined this point of view elsewhere in the other context. Rumor has it; he didn’t want to make a fuss.

Nowadays his proclamation becomes even less relevant due to the great success of 2015 Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” musical. Critics compare it with such hits as “Rent” and “South Pacific” and that’s not merely a claim: the show has been shortly awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Drama like the below-mentioned musicals.

While “The Book of Mormon” is full of moments with a hidden agenda, the “Hamilton” looks sincere. The music accompaniment of both shows differs significantly: a musical about statesmen promotes contemporary melodies such hip-hop and R&B skillfully combining it with pop opera. On the contrary, “Mormon” is moving in favor of traditional tunes. Casting people of color as an artistic statement become another distinctive feature of “Hamilton” and provided it with a status of a cultural phenomenon in a theatre’s world.

Well, it is hard to say which one will not be forgotten after a while. “Mormon” can win because of its strong entertaining component and “Hamilton” may turn out to be too much for today. As a conclusion, both shows deserve to be the best musical of the current century, each in its own way.

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